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About us

The National Health IT Board aims to:

  • provide leadership across the New Zealand health and disability sector for IT investments that offer patient safety and value for money
  • build relationships while progressing critical foundation investments to support an improved health information model, and support future healthcare delivery models
  • set a direction for the appropriate and effective use of personal health information. 

In this section

  • The board is comprised of members with a wide range of knowledge and skills. Their combined expertise will help ensure strategic direction and robust governance of health IT in New Zealand. Read more
  • Graeme Osborne leads the delivery of the National Health IT Plan as Director of the National Health IT Board and Director of the Information Group, National Health Board. Read more
  • To achieve high quality health care and improve patient safety by 2014, New Zealanders will have a core set of personal health information available electronically to them and their treatment providers regardless of the setting as they access health services. Read more
  • Connected Health refers to the IT systems and environments that securely share health information. Read more
  • Two key responsibilities of the IT Health Board are to review investment decisions and administer primary health care IT grants. Read more
  • Terms of reference for the National Health IT Board. Read more
  • The report highlighted that leadership of health IT must be strengthened within the context of improving the overall performance of the health system. Read more