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The eMedicines Programme is part of the National Medication Safety Programme, which is jointly sponsored by the National Health Board/National Health IT Board, and the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

Medication errors and adverse drug events affect an unacceptable number of New Zealanders each year, with some resulting in permanent disabilities or death. The eMedicines Programme is introducing electronic systems to support the safe, effective and appropriate use of medicines.

The programme’s goals are to:

  • reduce patient harm and loss of life by reducing adverse medication events
  • improve patient outcomes by providing better information to enable staff to focus more on delivering care and by providing patients and their families with better resources to support their care.
  • better manage costs in public hospitals and in the community by reducing adverse medication events, improving medicines usage, and improving productivity.

In this section

  • The New Zealand Electronic Prescription System (NZePS) aims to improve communication between general practitioners (GPs) and community pharmacies, and is being rolled out around New Zealand. Read more
  • The Community Pharmacy Services Agreement is a new national agreement between community pharmacies in New Zealand and their local district health boards. The agreement sets out the funding model for pharmacy services. Read more
  • ePrescribing and administration (ePA) allows medication to be prescribed and administration to be recorded electronically in hospitals. Phase two of the roll out of ePA and electronic medicine reconciliation is underway. Read more
  • eMedicines reconciliation is being carried out in a number of district health boards. Read more
  • The New Zealand Universal List of Medicines combines standardised medicine descriptions from the New Zealand Medicines Terminology with information from Medsafe and the PHARMAC Pharmaceutical Schedule to form an easily accessible one-stop shop for medicines information. Read more
  • The NZ Formulary is a concise, point of care reference addressing the day-to-day needs of those prescribing, dispensing and administering medicines in New Zealand. Read more